Friday, May 29, 2015



Summer's here. And people have started to enjoy it.

Two of my favorite bloggers just announced they are taking the Summer off completely, with no blogging until September. Others have been away for this week or plan to vacation soon.

What are your plans for Summer? Going on any trips? Will you blog more or less?

I'm riding my motorcycle to Woodstock in June. In July, I'm attending a convention of bloggers in Vancouver. (You can read about it here.) I've never seen the west coast of Canada before, so I'm looking forward to visiting that area and meeting a bunch of bloggers in person.

Ironically, I'll be blogging more during the Summer 'cause that's when my work lightens up. I blog at the exact opposite frequency of most bloggers -- I blog more when I have free time (weekends; holidays; Summer) which is when other people disappear online. How 'bout you? Will you be blogging more or less this Summer?


  1. i think it's great that you blog at those times....if everyone took breaks at the same time, we wouldn't have anything to read!! my blogging is pretty consistent throughout the year...weekdays usually, but steady throughout the year.

  2. I saw that a few bloggers are taking the summer off. It is awful tempting! I'm going to see how it goes. I'll be away for a couple of weeks in Vancouver...Yay! And have a couple other shorter mini vacays planned for the summer. I have been thinking of pulling back a bit, but that'll depend just how I'm feeling.

    When you're in Woodstock you're only a 7 hr ride to Toronto! {hint, hint!}

    You're welcome to stay here. We have a very small guest room and my house is still half ripped apart from the roof leak, but I could guarantee it'd be better than camping : )


  3. I'm hoping to blog more this summer because I feel like I finally have things to talk about. I can't wait to see what you've got planned! Sounds like a lot of adventures.

  4. As you start thinking about summer holidays we start to pull our our warm clothes. The weather is getting progressively colder in the mornings and evenings however at midday you could still go without a jersey and get a sun burn.

    Hope your weekend is refreshing!!!

  5. I know, I'm sad about the birds flying away for summer! My summer holiday doesn't.start till the end of July so I'm around for s while still and though I'll be away in the summer, I will definitely do blogging in between and scheduling if I can. Glad you'll be around! I totally thought of you the other day, I saw this Amazing black and white stripy Ralph Lauren shirt in the charity shop and it reminded me of one you had. Too big for me sadly but I did get something.
    Your summer adventures sound brilliant, Woodstock and blogger meet up sounds super x

  6. I'm hoping to blog more this summer, but I started out this summer with some stupid bug that's been going around. I'm still congested like crazy. I'm like you, I tend to be here more during summer, weekends, holidays.

    I'm in a bit of a renewing my whole life schedule, so my blog will be a part of that.

  7. How much I blog depends on how weird my life gets. I'll be working this summer, so I expect that I'll be blogging a lot.

    Is that Alfred Hitchcock on a bicycle?

  8. Hmm.... I never thought about taking time off from blogging. My idea of not blogging is not dressing up. It is like a vacation from wearing a well put together outfit. But I only last couple days then the blah ness of it gets to me. And when I do dress up I feel it is such a loss opportunity if I don't take pictures and blog.
    Seasons do not matter much.

    1. I like your attitude, Daphne. I share it. Blogging is a natural extension of my life.

  9. Take off from blogging? I guess it's a chore for some people?

  10. I never want to take time off - if I do, it's usually because I'm away or on vacation or just a bit too busy (I don't like to advertise when I'm not going to be home).

    I'm excited to see you in Vancouver - the west coast is very chill. And it will be wonderful weather - all that stuff about rain is more like our spring/fall. July will be perfectly gorgeous.

  11. Summer... doesn't seem to have arrived here yet; blowing a horrible gale with rain and hail outside. Yuk! Hopefully it'll arrive very soon, I just had new tyres fitted to my motorbike!

  12. OMG… you're gonna meet Sheila, lucky you :)
    Well, here we're entering rainy season…