Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dumb Questions

Someone once said there are no dumb questions. They were wrong. Here are some dumb questions for which there is only one right answer...

- I'm going to visit Niagra Falls this weekend. Should I bring my camera?

- Sweet Suzanne, who lives in Toronto,  is offering to travel down to Niagra to meet me for afternoon tea at a charming little hotel during my visit. Should I accept her offer?

- One of the best favorite things I've ever done was visit Longwood Gardens last Spring with Meghan and Megan Mae. Longwood is a big collection of flowers and plants in Pennsylvania with an elegant restaurant. They are having a special outdoor evening light-show and I'm going the weekend after next. Should I blog  about it afterward?

- The weekend after the weekend after next weekend, I'm going to NYC for a blogger-meetup with Patti. Should I be charming with bubbly enthusiasm or withdrawn and sullen?

- Halloween is coming up and this year it's on a Saturday. Should I look for a party?

- My birthday will arrive in a month, just after Halloween. Should I act my age or pretend I'm still young?

- Blogging is hard work which enriches my life beyond measure. Should I keep going or give it up?

Do you have any dumb questions?


  1. I always have believed there are dumb questions ("Do you want to see the kitten?", e.g.) Have a marvelous trip and I can't wait to raise a glass with you. xox

  2. I rather ask a "dumb" question and get my answer than remain in the darkness...

  3. So obvious…
    Hope you have a great time on your meet-up.

  4. It's like asking someone if they want a free trip to Paris with spending cash. : )

    Fun that you're going to meet up with Patti too!


  5. None of those are dumb questions! Lol This post was a fun read :)


  6. CUTE DRESS!! and YES I have dumb questions at work all the time.. never ending.. oh well.

  7. You make me laugh. Also, I am jealous of all of your upcoming plans and meet-ups! Have so much fun!

  8. Dumb questions abound in this world of ours ... however you make it FUN!!!!

    Love that little dress!!!

  9. love the look here! normally i say there are no dumb questions, but have to agree now that there are some :)

  10. LOL, I love this. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Niagara. Take lots of pictures and blog about it after :)

    Why would anyone WANT to present themselves as sullen and withdrawn!? Love this look on you, my dear. XOXO

  11. Lucky you that you're meeting two fabulous ladies - Patti and Suzanne. There are no dumb questions! Love the print of the dress.

  12. Charming idea for a post, dear Ally. I hope you have a stellar time with all of the exciting plans that lay on the horizon for you. I'm always inspired by how many blogger meetups you're able to have.

    ♥ Jessica

  13. Act as if you are still young, and be sullen if you want to. You must continue blogging though. I know I am answering rhetorical questions, but still.
    Love this outfit on you, so smart looking!
    xx, Elle

  14. Hah! Jumping in to say killer outfit and what's more, I love your facial expression and pose here. You're glowing!