Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cat Helmets

Aren't these cat-helmets adorable?! I want one. They're sold here.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

At The Last Minute

I subscribe to a literary magazine called The Sun. It publishes short pieces of autobiography on varying topics. The subject for the next issue is "At The Last Minute."

I'm submitting a description of an event that occurred to me long ago. I remember the event vividly and enjoy pondering its meaning. If you're interested, it follows...

The eldest son of immigrants, I carry the weight of my family's dreams. It's a leaden backpack. My parents view my accomplishments as their accomplishments; my life is a barometer of their success in a new land.

Forty years ago, I was an average athlete in high school, good enough to make the baseball and wrestling teams but not better than kids of other schools. We had a mid-season wrestling match with a neighboring team that was unimportant. Nothing was at stake, but the Earth shook that day.

For reasons unknown to me, my parents invited their fellow-immigrant friends to watch me compete. A bevy of wildly-enthusiastic supporters sat in the stands to cheer me on. Their presence was unnerving: their boisterous shouts pelted me like snowballs.

My opponent in the match was superior in ability but not insurmountably so; I knew I could beat him if I mustered sustained high effort. The match began. I slowly fell behind in points. The trend continued and time grew short. Eventually I realized I couldn't make up the point-deficiency with remaining time available; my only hope of winning was to pin my opponent to the mat, an outcome as rare as knocking out a boxer.

I searched for an opportunity. I saw none. I pursued with increasing concern; disappointing my family, in front of their close friends, was simply unacceptable. I could not let that happen, no matter what.

Suddenly, my opponent twisted his body, allowing me to grab his arm and place it into a half-nelson. I slid my free arm around the back of his neck. Our position was set for my signature move -- a wrestling hold so potent I could defeat anyone with it: leverage trumps size and strength. My opponent, not realizing he had lost the match, expressed hope in struggling against my hold. I let him wrestle, physically and psychologically, with the situation. After tussling, our bodies settled into quiescent calm as I heard desperate calls from the crowd who were watching time run out. Sensing the right moment, I flipped the doomed combatant over, locked him in place, and heard the ref smack the mat three times announcing victory. The crowd roared: their nervous uncertainty was resolved by a last-minute victory.

I looked up. I saw a group of working-class adults whose lives possessed few satisfactions. They were jubilantly celebrating, a rare experience for them. Their glee stunned me: my small athletic effort was fulfilling a larger aspiration, a dream of immigrants. Making it in America, after fleeing war-torn Europe during World War II, was their goal and it was happening in front of me. I play a role in this drama, something I hadn't understood until that moment.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow Day

It's snowing today here in New York. Heavier and wetter than usual, which creates beautiful visual images. Here are some...



Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Playing With Pants

After avoiding pants for years, I'm now exploring their possibilities -- and learning they can be feminine and fun. This outfit below started with the pants and I added pieces to complement them.

What do you think?




Monday, February 1, 2016

Road Trips

During the past few years, I've worked too hard. Recognizing that, I plan to add balance to my life by taking time off and having fun. Fortunately, I know what makes me happy; I just need to do more of it. I'm committing to that and laying plans for fun this year.

Two things that please me immensely are riding my motorcycle and visiting friends. I can combine both passions since most of my blogger-buddies live far away. Riding 500-1,000 miles to see them lets me enjoy motorcycle-adventures during the journey and savor their company when I arrive.

Among the friends I want to visit this year are Sara in Detroit (Michigan), Emma in Columbus (Ohio), Debbie in Western Pennsylvania, Suzanne in Toronto (Canada), Christine in New York, Jen in Atlanta (Georgia), Allie in Manhattan, Aimee in upstate New York, and Kathy in Virginia. If I can find time for longer trips, I'd also like to visit my friends in Minnesota -- Ashley, Megan and Beth.

The prospect of these trips has me excited. Do you like to go on long road-trips?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snowy White

I spotted a cute little item in a thrift-store last week; it's bright white in color. The piece made me wonder what an all-white outfit might look like.

We only go around once so I gave it a try. Hit or miss?



Saturday, January 30, 2016

The "Gilmore Girls" Are Coming Back!

I watch new TV shows and have an uncanny ability to spot the few that will succeed. For example, I identified "The Big Bang Theory" as a future hit after only the first two episodes of Season One.

One show I raved about to my friends in 2000-2007 was the "Gilmore Girls." Starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, the show concerns a single mother and her teenage daughter living in a small rural town. What makes the show so appealing are its quirky characters and their witty banter. The show was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino who will head the revival. (She left the initial run in the sixth season because of a contractual dispute and, in her absence, the show deteriorated.)

Now, a decade after the show ended, Netflix is bringing the show back with all the stars, including Graham, Bledel, Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop and Keiko Agena. Sadly, Edward Herrmann has since passed away and can't join the group. There's no word yet on whether Melissa McCarthy (who had a small role as a chef and has since flown to stardom) is returning; I suspect she'll appear in a cameo.

Did you ever watch this show?