Monday, April 20, 2015

Female Life: Does Our Audience Matter?

Occasionally a woman will relate an experience on her blog which stuns me. Its truth is plain and its existence startles me. As much as I study women, I haven't had many of their life-experiences so I'm not fully aware how it feels like to be female in modern society.

One blog just reported an experience I'd like to relate with the question: Do you do this?

Amber is a pleasant young woman who recently switched jobs. She used to work in an all-female environment. Now, she's the only woman among male co-workers. She blogs that her wardrobe and makeup have changed solely due to her audience at work. Here are her words:

"With my new job I am the only woman in the office. I have found that more thought and planning now goes into my outfits as a result. Even my makeup has changed - where I would normally feel free to experiment with a bright lip color or even false eye lashes, I now wear more neutral and natural tones."

How does our audience affect our presentation as women? Men often believe that women "dress up" for them, yet many women dispute that and say the opposite -- that because men don't appreciate fashion and beauty, women dress up only for other women (such as on Girls' Nights Out). Dressing for the workplace adds additional concerns 'cause ambitious women want to be taken seriously.

My first question is: When you're deciding how to dress and present yourself, does it matter whether your audience will be male or female? My follow-up question is: If it matters, how does that affect your choices?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Follies

I'm heading out to Brooklyn to do something I've never done before -- have someone else take my picture! All the photos on my blog are taken by me with a remote shutter-release. As many of you know, simultaneously being a model, photographer, lighting assistant and wardrobe stylist is hard!

Today, my friend Michi is performing the duties of photographer. Michi is talented with a camera and she also draws beautiful illustrations, such as the one below which she gave me as a gift. Michi recently offered to take my picture in her photography studio and I leap at the chance. We'll use props and I'm bringing two new outfits. It'll be fun!

Have you ever had someone talented take your picture?

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Damn, I forgot how fast my motorcycle goes! My sportbike (Yamaha FZ-1), that is; my other motorcycle (BMW K1200LT) is a luxury cruiser which sails like a yacht.

The last time I rode the Yamaha hard was in January, but it was cold and miserable back then. February and March were full of snow in New York and the beginning of this month had poor road-conditions (e.g., potholes; sand), in addition to my work which was intense the past two weeks. (I argued a critical appeal in the biggest case of my career [$6 Million].)

Cracking open the throttle on the FZ-1 is like igniting a bomb. In a split-second, pistons explode with power propelling the bike's light weight forward faster than humans are meant to travel. Your eyes are pushed into the back of your head, your fingers strain to hang on to the handlebars, and your body compresses from physical force never before experienced. Primal survival instinct gets aroused and your mind wonders if you're dying. When you realize you aren't, a crazed smile breaks over your face and you laugh maniacally. It's natural to wonder how such a thrill can be legal. People aren't meant to be this happy.

Some people will tell you that slow is good -- but I'm here
to tell you that fast is better. I've always believed this
in spite of the trouble it's caused me.
Being shot out of a cannon will always be better
than being squeezed out of a tube.
That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba...
Hunter S. Thompson

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jones Beach

The most famous place on Long Island (where I live) is Jones Beach. It's a State Park with a huge beach; it draws thousands during the Summer. It also has a terrific boardwalk that's three miles long.

I prefer Jones Beach when it isn't crowded, which is Spring, Fall and Winter. Only a few diehards visit then. I went last weekend and walked the boardwalk, with my camera of course. I saw quite a few unexpected visual sights. Here are some of them. Which is your favorite?








Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Whimsy

To reward myself for working hard, I wandered into my favorite retail store. It's actually a discount place but with good clothes, some designer-brand. I found two delightful dresses which are great for Spring.

Here's the first one. I like its shape and bright colors. Plus, it's perfect to introduce my new pink earrings which were a gift from my friend Meghan. They look like sneakers! How cool is that?!

Are you ready for Spring? Is your wardrobe?




Thursday, April 9, 2015

In A Pickle

Pickles are like Rodney Dangerfield -- they don't get no respect. Which is unfair because pickles are tasty and good for you.

A pickle is a fresh vegetable (cucumber) in its raw state, marinated with flavor. While commercial pickles are weakly-flavored, artisanal pickles are delightfully intense. I recently searched for and found my own source for great pickles.

I visit a lot of local festivals and observed long lines at a vendor-booth selling pickles. Despite shabby handmade signs, the booth always has a long line. Unwilling to stand and wait, I searched the interweb to see if I can buy their pickles when a crowd isn't around. I found a rudimentary website which gave me an address for their "store." After driving in circles, I discovered their store is actually a tiny counter they rent in a big supermarket. Located in a really bad neighborhood.

But their pickles are fabulous! They come in a dozen flavors. The pickle itself is juicy and fresh. The flavors are tasty and strong. My favorites are "Hot & Spicy" -- which are truly hot and spicy -- and Cajun which has a delightful flavor from Cajun spices. I buy a large container of each for only $6 which lasts me a week or so. I've been returning to replenish my supply regularly, now that I know where to go. It almost feels like you need to utter a secret password to get access into the hidden Den of Pickles.

The company is a small family business started by the father of the current operators who are a brother and sister in their thirties. They're very pleasant and also throw in a few extra pickles for free. I'm on my way to becoming a regular customer so they like me.

Do you eat pickles? Have you ever tried a good one?


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

M&M (Part 2)

Here are more pics from my weekend with Meghan and Megan Mae...