Sunday, February 18, 2024

A Special Night

 Fun night for the Devils!

In addition to winning a close game (6-3) the team played outdoors in 28-degree weather. A crowd of 70,000 fans endured the cold to watch this rare event. The Devils designed special jerseys just for this game; they have a retro-style. Fans have been snapping them up. 

There was a jovial mood at the whole event. Devils players arrived dressed like characters from "The Sopranos" (FILA track-suits; white tank-top shirts; gaudy jewelry). Flyers players arrived dressed like Rocky (grey sweats and taped hands). The players' families got to skate on the ice. The night was magical all around.


  1. I would love to see hockey outside - I am not a fan of it on TV, but I love watching in person. That looks so fun, Ally!

    1. Join the crowd! There was an outdoor game on the west coast of Canada at the beginning of this season.