Saturday, November 25, 2023


Some of my best photographs are accidents.

I snapped a shot of a young woman at a Devils game. She was wearing face-paint which is not unusual in that setting. The woman was ten feet in front of me; behind her are men 150 feet away on the other side of the ice rink. Because of that disparity in distance, the woman appears LARGE and the men look SMALL. 

Reviewing the photo I saw this visual illusion and decided to play with it. If we crop the picture, the woman -- whom I'm sure is a lovely person -- transforms into a hideous monster about to bite defenseless little men. Wild paint on her face adds to that interpretation. 

I later learned this woman is Echidna, immortal goddess of Greek mythology. Known as the "Mother of Monsters," Echidna has the face of a seductive woman and the body of a dragon. Echidna drags her victims to an underground pit where she devours them alive. Rumors say her pit is beneath the Newark ice rink.

Who'd have guessed Echidna'd be at a "Devils" game? :)


  1. What an interesting photograph! The face paint really makes a difference and adds colours, making it more dynamic.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it does. As soon as I saw this woman I knew she'd make a great picture.

  2. I'm absolutely loving the visual illusion you created here, Ally! xxx

  3. The illusion created here in your photo is so fun to play with- she really does look like she's about to gobble up those tiny dudes.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Even if it's accidental, it was still a very artistic one! And so is the thought behind breaking down your own capture. Those guys could be like little popcorn for her!

  5. Indeed. First she bites their heads off, then drinks their insides, like wax candy bottles. :)

  6. She better not eat any of those Bruins fans! ;-P