Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Rare Moment In Time

There was a period (1965-1975) when men's fashion was fun. Colorful, experimental and fun.

I lived through that period and exploited its sartorial freedom for gender-bending. In 1973 I wore a top to high school that was sold as male clothing, but man, it was wild! Skin-tight knit fabric with brightly-colored floral design and a thick, brown elastic band around the waist -- which left 3-4 inches of skin exposed between it and my pants. Even teachers noticed and commented on it (negatively).

Here's another example from that time. Thoughts?


  1. Teachers are not known for their dramatic flare! Love those colours.

  2. My mom had a pair of two-tone jeans (with contrast pockets on the back) just like those ones in the lower left! I have a picture of them somewhere!

    I think that menswear is slowly (SLOWLY) becoming more flamboyant again. I saw red and purple (solid colour) suits in the department store last week!

  3. I remember the days. I had a pair or two of block heel platform shoes that were acceptable men's wear back then. There were silk like shirts that were also acceptable for men. I think that the 'mod' look was an offshoot of the British invasion music that lasted through the 'glam rock'music of the disco era.
    Sadly, in the modern era the primary look for both men and women is the casual slob.

  4. Fashion in the 70s was pretty crazy! I love the idea of exploring different styles + textures, etc., for genders. People should wear what they want and like!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. This is wild! I love it when people experiment with clothing. It is just another way to show off your creative soul on the outside.


  6. I wish you had a picture of this top! I kind of really love fashions of the 70s. It's fun to take risks!

  7. Those pants are wild ... I can just imagine you in the top.

    We didn't have much opportunity to express our individuality at school because right through school we wore uniform ... thankfully because I can't imagine what the kids in my school would have gotten up to and my Mom couldn't afford to buy us so many clothes.

  8. I'm always amazed at how flamboyant fashion was in those days, both for men and for women. Love it! xxx

  9. Ah! Love them. I had a pair that were black on the back half, white on the front. I loved them. Lip service, a brand sold at hot topic, did many pairs of two tones that I wanted.

    I think we go through spurts with men's clothing. Personally I like a guy unafraid of a little sartorial exploration