Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rhapsody In Pink

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I'm inclined to rhapsodize about seemingly-ordinary aspects of life.  That's because I search for and find beauty in little things.  And it gives me pleasure to share those gems with you.

Yesterday was a red-letter day.  I met a blogger whom  I've greatly admired for a long time.  She is even more wonderful than I thought.  She's roaringly smart, immensely kind and fiercely strong.  A real hero.

In person, you perceive so much more about someone than you can online; immeasurably more.  When that person is someone you like and respect, your joy can be boundless.  Mine is, in this instance.

I'm not going to disclose more about my new friend, out of respect for her privacy.  Let me leave you simply with the report that my life has just grown a sturdy new branch.  :)

Next up, something that may sound insignificant to most people but, to me, carries sizeable weight.  I chose a new nail-color!

I paint my toes and wear colored-polish every day.  24/7.  It's one of the deepest joys in my life.  Every morning, I wake up and see my pretty toes -- and the mere sight of them gives me hope for the day.  I feel that, at least to this extent, I am living authentically.

Normally, I choose among reds but now I want to explore pinks.  I snapped up a bottle at the local beauty-store after browsing for way too long.  I used to worry about standing in aisles containing feminine products but my fear over that has dissipated.  Now, I simply don't care if people judge me while shopping.  I want to pick pretty nail-colors more than I care about public opprobrium.

Yes, I'm going to show you the color but first, a caveat.  Even though I have years of experience painting my toes and fingers, I'm terrible at it.  Terrible!  My hands are too klutzy to stay within the lines and I always end up spilling some on my skin.  Plus, nobody ever taught me proper nail-care so I have no clue what I'm doing when I simply splash on polish.  Oh well... this is a private pleasure so it doesn't really matter.

To those of you eager to suggest I get a pedicure, in a perfect world I would.  However, I don't live in a perfect world and I'm too shy to go to a salon.  In my dreams, I play like that, but there's a big gap between dreams and reality. 

As an alternative, someday I'd love to sit around with a girlfriend and ruin her toes while she makes mine beautiful but that, too, resides in Ally's Alluring Dream World.  Not to be confused with Ralph's Wretched Reality. 

(It's not really wretched: I just like the alliteration.)


  1. HOT HOT Toes!! That is one of my FAVORITE colors! I have a hard time not getting polish on my skin too lol. I am not the best at painting my toes. Yours look Great! You must give yourself more credit.

  2. There's nothing to beat looking down at a set of prettily painted toenails! What pretty feet you have, too.
    I've never had a pedicure either. I'm a bit shy about unleashing my hooves on a beautician. xxx

  3. Lovely colour and nails dear! I've never told you that although I don't really enjoy doing my nails, I'm excellent in giving manicures/pedicures!(really professional)! All you have to do is book a ticket to Greece this summer and we can try all the fun nail polishes your heart desires! (and make-up lessons). I would enjoy that soooo much! And it's so nice that you've bonded with your blogger friend! I can't wait to meet my blogger friends! :)

  4. Blogger friends that turn into real life friends, one of my reasons for starting to blog! Its not happened yet, but perhaps one day. I totally understand your feelings about a pedi, and only wish we humans were not so hard on each other. After all we all have fears, hopes, dreams.... Im crossing my fingers that one day that perfect pedicure will be your reality!

    P.s. Smashing color:)

  5. Ally has some smart toes! ;) I love that you don't feel ashamed about being in the beauty store. I am also happy that you got to meet up with a blogger too! Some of the bloggers that I have met are my close friends now, and some that I have not met, I can't wait to meet someday in the future. :)

  6. I don't think that you should be shy to get a pedicure. The nail person I use does the feet of many men. Some she does because they are diabetic, some because they are over-weight and can't reach their toes and even some just because they like pink polish. :-) You might feel more comfortable if you can find a small shop where the customers are not all lined up and waiting around.


  7. You have sexy feet. Much better than mine.
    Oh, and I totally suck at painting my toenails, too. I always paint them the day before an event so the nasty polish on the skin can wear off.
    That's kind of sad.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Do you ever go to Ricky's in Huntington? They have AAAMAAAZING nailpolish colors and the staff is really great. Best trick for nail painting: get it everywhere then dip a q-tip in nailpolish remover when its like almost dry and clean up the edges for a perfect manicured look.
    Also, you should totally go get a mani-pedi. Everyone should be pampered. If you're shy go somewhere in Manhattan, the city of anonymity!

  9. LOVE the color of your toes! So perfect for summer :)

  10. That is a pretty color. And a great idea to keep the true part of yourself with you all the time in that fashion.
    I see men get pedicure (and manicures) in my nail salon all the time. But, you are right not sure how it would be perceived if they wanted a colored polish. But there are so many neighborhoods in this city where that would be so absolutely normal. I am almost certain there are such places in Chicago too. It is such a luxurious experience to get a mani/pedi. You should definitely try it may be with just a clear polish until you get the courage. :)

  11. Squee, what a happy color! Looks perfectly acceptably applied, too - you can easily wipe off the few blotches with a q-tip. I'm really bad at painting my toe-nails - like you I'm completely self-taught, and to complicate things, some of my nails are smaller than the brush is wide, so I always keep q-tips and polish remover at hand when I do try to paint my nails :) Also, the phonologist I used to be rejoices in an alliteration that goes by pronunciation instead of spelling!

  12. Cute! I really love the color. I have been very into clear polish lately, but I want to get back into color. And I get polish on my skin all the time too ;) So, no worries!

  13. We are wearing the same color !
    I usually stay away from reds because I don't like to bring too much attention to my toes.
    I have never been able to do my own toes :(

  14. I painted my toes in pink, in solidarity with you yesterday evening.

    I don't know. I have no tips on nail painting, especially toes. Mine always look like i drank 3 cups of coffee and went at it. I do cleanup with remover & a qtip, also. Is there a polishing gene? If so, apparently I'm missing it. ::shrug::

    Maybe you can't comfortably walk in to a salon today - but that doesn't mean you never will. You've already come far in your journey and its far from over. I'd bet you've already done things you only dreamed about years ago. What's that saying? “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Keep your wishes and dreams in your heart and keep moving forward.

    Meeting people IRL can be hit and miss. But, i've come to the conclusion that there is some spark that resonates with us through type, photos, the information that people choose to disclose and the care they show to strangers - that makes you see someone as a potential friend.

    No doubt the lucky lady on the receiving end of your comments is flattered to no end and probably blushing. True friendship isn't one sided, so you can be confident that she too thinks the world of you. You have a kindness in you that anyone would be lucky to have in their life.

    Here's to making new friends & pink toenails ::clink::

  15. I love the colour and my little trick with nailpolish is nail polish remover on a q-tip works like a charm to make it look perfect! :)

    So glad you and your friend had an amazing experience! I find many blogger just wonderful people. would Even better If I could fill my whole physical life with them too! Sadly most are far away but its still amazing to find great, likeminded (and some times not so like-minded) people!

  16. Lovely color! I paint my toes all the time too. (Can't do nails because I can't stand the feeling of nail polish on my nails, and I keep trying to chip it all day.) My go-to color of the moment is a jean-colored blue.

  17. Now I'm blushing! I love you guys. You make me so happy.

  18. I"m jealous of your nice feet. I love to paint my fingernails, but HATE painting my toe nails for some reason haha. I love the way they look when they're all nice and pretty. But I'm so ticklish that I can't stand to do it or have anyone else do it. That's such a great color! I just got a similar one by OPI and I love it. I also love how you appreciate these little things in life. I have always consider myself to be easily amused which is a great thing because you aren't constantly looking to be impressed. =)

  19. You have very elegant feet and I love the bright pink you chose! I also LOVE to paint my nails and I have over 75 different colours. Hey if you ever come up to Ottawa we can have a pedicure party! I love meeting new bloggers- especially when you respect them and enjoy their company- sounds like a great Sunday!

  20. Ha, I'm the worst at painting my nails. Just before this weekend trip I was trying to paint them, pack and cook an omelette and I finished the weekend by accidentally slicing some of my nailpolish into another omelette.....

    At least you've got a lovely shade of pink there! I love pink toes, but fear it won't work with my red sandals.... ; )

  21. Pink is such a pretty color for summer, and your toes look lovely! I hope you overcome your trepidation about getting a pedi someday; I've seen plenty of men in salons getting their toes prettied up. It's seriously no big deal, and a professional shop would never ever make it one. If you can't summon up the courage to go in NY, then I'll drag you to my favorite salon if you're ever in SF!

  22. My toenails are pink too right now. Yay!

    You are such a sweetheart. I bet the person you met must be so touched by what you wrote so eloquently about her. I think we are all lucky to be getting to know you. I know I am.

    See you soon,

  23. i am addicted to nailpolish
    such a small little thing, but such a happy little thing!
    glad you shar the joy

  24. pedicure, manicure and painting my nails myself are one of simples pleasures in life..i get a lot of relaxation doing these three things!!...
    love the pink color of the nails!!!

  25. i'm happy to hear about people that find good friends on internet. I always hear about the dangers on internet but there are so many good things here

  26. I'm with ya...I can't stand not having my toenails painted! And, usually, the crazier the color, the better. You started with reds and are now venturing into I'm eager for the day when you cross into turquoise, neon purple, and lime green!! ;) One time when we were at the beach with hub's family, my father-in-law looked at my yellow painted toenails and jokingly said he finally found someone whose toenails were more yellow than his dad's. haha But the sunniness is so nice to look down upon.

    My best tip for you is just practice, and I'm sure you're already better at it now than you used to be. You really don't have far to go. The Q-tip suggestion is good. But I usually just kind of scratch off the mess-ups with a fingernail so I can get in the crevices on the sides. e.l.f. also has these great little cuticle pushers that have angled ends that work really well for cleaning up polish when you need to scratch it off in a precise way - sometimes a Q-tip head is just too big. You can also try foam spacers that go between your toes to see if those help. e.l.f. has those too, I believe, for probably $1.

    My friend...I am over the MOON that you are no longer embarrassed to linger in and peruse the beauty aisles!! Woohoo. That is a huge step for those pretty painted toes of yours. If someday you wanna try a pedi, by all means, but there's a lot of pleasure (for me, anyway) in devoting a Sat. morning to beautification rituals and having that peaceful time of painting. :)

  27. Both the male lawyers I work with get pedicures. They don't get polish true, but they do get their toes all taken care of and get foot massages.

  28. It's so funny, I've known you for years but I don't think I've ever seen your feet, and yet there they are -- on your blog. The internet is weird!

    You should try using an orange stick to correct little painting mistakes -- the key is to catch & fix them them immediately as you go!

  29. Hi I found you blog though your interesting comment on What are years blog. I think you do a far better job at your nail than me, I am so messy! I dip a Q-tip in polish remover and tidy up around the messy edges - it is easy that being very neat in the first place! Also if you use moisturiser first then you can peel the mistakes off more easily if your out of remover.

  30. You shouldn't feel shy about going to a salon. Men get manicures and pedicures! If you feel shy about getting a wild color, you can have your feet/toe nails properly exfoliated, moisturized, shaped and buffed and then go home and paint them whatever color you like! Try it once, and you can learn how to do it yourself.

  31. PS: Your feet look great! Love the color :)