Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gifts For Yourself

When shopping for Christmas gifts for others, I always see things I like.  I used to wish someone would get me those things, but they seldom did.  And I'd wind up feeling disappointed.

I cure that problem by now buying gifts for myself.  I appreciate my thoughtfulness and good taste.  :-)

This year, I bought myself three things.  First, to improve my blogging, I bought a professional photography backdrop.  It's a large cotton sheet that hangs from steel poles.  It will eliminate the problem I have when I shoot in front of a wall -- the intersection of the wall and floor bisects my legs at the ankles and makes my outfits look bad.  This will get rid of that problem because the sheet goes all the way down to the ground and you stand on it, so there's no intersection.

Second, I bought David Bowie's new album.  It was the first thing he's released in a decade.  I like Bowie's music (and cheered his culturally-important gender-bending in the Seventies).  Plus, the album got good reviews.

Third, I bought a big box of Goo Goo Clusters.  Goo Goos are my favorite candy and I've blogged about them before.  You should try them if you haven't already.  They're scrumptious.

Do you buy gifts for yourself?  What'd you get this year??


  1. Oh yeah, I totally buy myself presents. I have found the best way to get what you want... Is to just go get what you want!!! Lolzzzz (Seems silly, but we ladies in particular have a tendency to get stuck on some notion that we need to be given things by people that can apparently read minds and this doesn't always work out!)

  2. Just yesterday I bought myself a bag of cinnamon discs because they are delicious and I had just finished the last of the shopping.

  3. I was out shopping for everyone and decided I needed to fuel my lipstick addiction and bought four new shades and almost bought a pair of cheeky shoes, but am going to hold off on those. One of the things that I like to really buy for myself is bubble bath, candles and a nice bottle of vine and then go for a relax in the tubby with a book. I find that is the nicest thing I do for myself this time of year. As for presents, I am more of a gifter than a receiver and I really like to give my friends and family stuff and it makes me happy seeing their reaction particularly when I have taken awhile to choose something or made it. Happy Holidays Ali! Those Goo Goo things look deadly yummy. I am also going to check out the David Bowie album now :)

  4. I don't buy myself presents as such however if I really want something then I get it for myself . Like Dar, I am more of a gifter ~ I LOVE to buy other people gifts.

    Now if someone bought me some Goo Goo's I'd be in heaven ... Marshmallow caramel and nuts ... H.E.A.V.E.N. in a cluster!!!

  5. Do you like the David Bowie album? It seems so old school to buy "an album".

    We don't really buy too many gifts. I get 2 for my nieces, then I make a scrapbook/calendar album for all the members of my family (which takes forever! but it is nice to have). Hubby and I don't buy anything for each other since we often go away or have already "pre bought" our gifts beforehand while out shopping together. He got a Ted Baker blazer and I got quite a few pieces for the same amount that his blazer cost.

    So, I'm not really out looking for stuff right now so I'm less likely to buy for myself. Plus the malls and stores are awful right now.

    I do think gifting yourself is the one way to be sure you have what you wanted.


  6. What nice and useful items you bought yourself (and of course the candy!).
    Yes, I buy myself presents- usually buying clothes! Much easier to get what you want then!x

  7. and HOW kind and sweet was your comment Ally. That really touched my heart and made me smile today! I am very glad to know you too!x

  8. Your gifts are a nice mix of practicality and indulgence. :) Going to have to check out those Goo Goo Clusters sometime! Hmm, for my birthday recently I bought myself a pair of jeans and a cute top. Not sure what I'll get myself for Christmas yet!

  9. Wow, these are all brilliant gifts that I would be so happy to buy for myself or have someone else buy for me. I've never had Goo Goo Clusters, but I know I would be addicted after one bite. And a little investment in photography gear is guaranteed to make you look good all year long.

  10. Ha ha I do enjoy treating myself of course but I try and wait til January for the big sales (just in case someone listens to my hints and there's something under the tree). I save my £2 coins through the year and my sister and I head to a mall about an hour's drive away and spend the day trying on clothes, shoes and buying things for ourselves. Hooray for treating ourselves :)

  11. I devised a strategy for presents this year and will be using it from now on. Devise a small list of things you would really like and ask your family to get you one and your friends to get you another so they share in the cost of one expensive thing and you get 2 lovely things off your list. Then you will get closer to what you want. I might treat myself to a piece of moomin merchandise next week when I go into central London

  12. I most certainly do buy myself gifts, especially for my birthday. With my trip coming up in a few days time (and I'm believing with all my might that I'm going to happen upon some awesome sale deals), I'm keeping my money to get something awesome from the other side of the pond ... maybe leather boots, or a fancy schmancy handbag ... or, oh there are too many possibilities - but I love having things that are not on every women you pass, so I'm hunting. (Pssst ... seems I need to look for them Goo Goo Cluster's for Lynnie - I arrive back home on her birthday)
    Your gifts sound wonderful - Schatz bought me a backdrop at the Photo Expo in October. Hope you have lots of fun with it - just remember to extend it as high as possible.


  13. Love that you bought yourself a stand background, that's so cool! We have a serious shortage of wall space in our little condo that would accommodate a decent sized one, but do have a very small one (it's good for head shoots and certain types of product (or other small item - or animal) photos. We've been talking lately about getting a larger one and setting it up, as needed, in front of the wall in the living room that has our TV on it, as that's the only space in the house that can accommodate one wide enough to get a full body shoot in. Fingers crossed we can follow your lead sometime in 2014 and get a bigger backdrop system. Can't wait to see the snaps you'll take against yours.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. Oh I can't wait to see the new back-drop! I loved the goo-goo cluster you sent me! I bought a beret because I lost the one I had, and a sweater because I was buying one for a friend and they were buy-one-get-one half off and were already cheap.

  15. I got me a bag 2 months ago that I think will be my Christmas gift from me to me.

  16. well, I can't quite say I buy myself Christmas presents... I just buy things when I really like something. it doesn't depend on the season or anything. but it's actually a lovely idea and I'm sure I would love to open those present on Christmas Eve. when it comes to your presents this backdrop is definitely pretty brilliant and I would also need that thing because right now we take outfit shots like once a month and that's pretty bad.. but the weather is dark and gloomy and what can one do about it, right?

    Maikeni blogi - part of me