Sunday, December 6, 2015

Meet The 2015 Bloggy Award Winners!

The judges and I are pleased to announce that this year there are two winners of the annual Bloggy Award. Coincidentally, both live outside my country which means the award is now international. Yay!

The Bloggy Award aims to reward superior achievement in blogging. This year's winners are prime examples of that. The two winners are ubiquitous in the blogging world -- they're everywhere. Whenever I visit someone's blog, these gals have already commented on it. They devote serious, sustained effort to supporting and encouraging the rest of us. Plus, they post on their own blogs with great frequency and provide polished content that's a joy to consume. These women could charge for their work and I'd still happily visit their blogs.

The two winners are... (drumroll, please)... Suzanne from Canada and Kezzie from England. Each winner will receive a big-ass trophy and gift. Each will receive adulation from you and the rest of the blogging community. And each will receive my heartfelt gratitude for a job well-done.

Our first winner is Suzanne from Canada. Suzanne blogs at Suzanne Carillo where she offers beautiful outfits creatively made from thrift-store purchases. I admire the exceptional skill Suzanne displays in her clothing choices and combinations. She often puts fashion ideas in my head and I'm sure she inspires many of her other readers.

Equally attractive is Suzanne's bubbly personality. Her charisma is palpable. She's funny, playful and smart. I've met Suzanne twice in person and her wit and intelligence make conversation a joy.


One indisputable accomplishment that propelled Suzanne into our award-winning circle is her herculean effort to support blogging. Suzanne conceived, organized and managed a blogger meet-up in Vancouver this Summer which I was honored to attend. The event was large with an unprecedented number of attendees. Suzanne, with assistance from friends, made gifts, planned activities and ran the show. That work took incredible strength and fortitude. Suzanne's enthusiasm for blogging and bloggers is immense. She certainly deserves recognition and a Bloggy Award. Congratulations, Suzanne!

Our second winner is Kezzie. Chances are you know Kezzie because she visits more blogs than Santa and leaves more comments than anyone else. Her words are always supportive. Kezzie is one of those rare people on the planet who view helping others as a mission. In her job, Kezzie teaches children about the joy and magic of music. She plays numerous instruments and knows how to cultivate music-appreciation in little ones. That's a wonderful contribution to the world.

Kezzie lives in London, England. It's interesting to watch her visit nearby British locations and show us pictures on her blog. Seeing them makes us feel like she took us along on a foreign adventure.

Kezzie shows us outfits on her blog that are adorably cute. Her style is bright, colorful and fun. For me, watching her dress up is like seeing a musical -- equal parts fantasy with reality. Her clothes seem to have a sense of heightened reality that's entertaining to observe.

Finally, Kezzie's personality is joyful and eccentric. Her passion for "Doctor Who" exceeds anyone's. Kezzie is the interesting person you want to invite to your party 'cause she'll entertain everyone with the wildest stories and tales.


Let's join together and give these gals a round of applause!


  1. Hurray, both wonderful choices! Congrats to both!

  2. Massive round of applause from me too. I love and follow both of these lovely bloggers and like their style, but more importantly their personality which shines through.
    Anna x
    Anna's Island Style

  3. Hey! They are two of my favorites, too. Well chosen!

  4. Awwww! This is a fun surprise!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Can I give my acceptance speech now ; P

    I must say the best thing about blogging is getting to meet interesting unique people such as yourself. I really cherish getting to know you and meeting you in person along with lovely Robin.

    You're one in a million...of that there is no doubt.

    I must acknowledge that the blogger meet-up wouldn't have been possible without the help of Melanie and Sue, more wonderful friends like yourself that I've met via blogging.

    Thanks again for spreading kindness throughout the blogging world Ally! It wouldn't be the same here without you.


  5. Stellar choices, Ally!!! I've had the pleasure of knowing Suzanne and her blog for quite some time now, but I think that Kezzie is new to me. I look forward to following her blog from now on, too.

    You have a heart of gold, my friend, and it shines out like the brightest of stars in the night sky, illuminating and bettering the blogging world. Thank you for holding these awards again and for no doubt touching these two lovely ladies lives every bit as much as you did mine when I was one your 2013 winners.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. great choices! I haven't seen Susanne blog and got stumbled in there for like 20 min already (I took a brake to tell to you).


  7. Yay ! its that time of the year again.
    While I have visited Suzanne's blog, I have yet to meet Kezzie.

  8. Wow, congrats to the winners! Nice award indeed :)
    Thank you so much for your sweet words on my last post : )

  9. I am applauding both winners. Suzanne I know of course (as you know). And Kezzie I voted for in another bloggers competition. So Hurray.
    Fun that you do this.

  10. I am so glad you wrote this. I adore Suzanne's blog. She is such a gifted writer and I love her wit, and shopping savvy. I look forward to meeting Kezzie, and appreciate the introduction. Sending Bloggy Love!
    xx, Elle

  11. So thoughtful.
    I applaud your choices! Hip hip hooray! Xo Jazzy Jack

  12. Wonderful choices! Brava to them and to you for your generosity, xo


  13. Congrats to the winners! What a lovely bunch of bloggers :)

    xo Azu

  14. Hurray for the winners!! I know Suzanne through her beautiful blog and ...surely I will comment on Kezzie's soon ...

  15. Wonderful idea and kudos to the winners, both of them have great blogs and seem like awesome people. Loving the knits Kezzie is wearing, so fun! Wow you live in Huntington, how cool yes it is great. I will let you know the next time my friend and I head out there--maybe to see that movie and we could meet for lunch.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  16. Ah, these ladies look so sweet and quirky! Good choice!


  17. Both really great choices Ally, I enjoy both of these blogs and the writers are very worthy winners.

  18. My heartfelt gratitude to you and your work. You are doing an amazing and inspiring job to keep them going. The encouragement received by posts like these are immense and keeps us going even after all the roadblocks. Keep up the wonderful work and a happy new year. Will check on the award winners now.