Monday, March 21, 2016

Sara In Detroit

This weekend, I rode my motorcycle halfway across the continent to visit Sara. It was a great trip and a smart decision.

Sara and I became friends many years ago when we discovered each other's blogs. Do you know how, with some special people, you just instantly recognize them as a kindred spirit? Someone whom you understand fully and they get you? Sara is like that for me.

Meeting Sara in person for the first time was endlessly delightful. I learned so much about her. Like how tall she is, her hometown (Ferndale, part of Detroit), and her family and friends. The visit opened a window into Sara's life through which I peered with starry eyes. We did several fun things like visit Michigan's biggest bookstore and walk around a whimsical outdoor art-project.

Detroit is a city in transition. Since 1950, its population has declined every year, mirroring the fate of the American auto industry. Despite economic deterioration, this situation is creating opportunities for young people and artists to re-make failing areas into unusual new things. That change fascinates me. Sara took us on several tours through the changed areas. If it wasn't for her tendency to get lost, she'd make an excellent tour-guide.

I didn't take many pictures because I was more focused on my experience than a later blog-report. Sometimes I prefer to immerse myself in an experience, especially when it's a rare one, so photography goes on a back-burner. Hanging out with Sara and getting to know her better was my goal for this trip and we accomplished that with joy.

I did snap a few shots; here they are...







  1. Yay! I had such a blast this weekend with you! I am so glad that you had fun. I cannot wait to finally come to New York one day so that you can do the same :)

  2. I'm rather jealous that you got to hang out with Sara! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    1. Next time, ride your motorcycle and meet us!

  3. You were only 5 hours from my place! LOL

    Looks like a fun trip. Meeting more bloggers is always fun.

    I hope the weather was better for you this time around.


  4. That's so cool you met her! You travelled so far and that shows what a good friend you are!x

  5. The are great photos, it does not seem to be that blog reporting was on the back burner. The photos you chose do tell a story. I have been there recently, as well, and am quite impressed with the way the community of artists is growing. I hope it continues.
    I am glad you got to spend time with your friend! That is what counts.
    xx, Elle

  6. That's absolutely fantastic, Ally. I'm really happy for you both. The finding of a truly kindred spirit is a rare and wonderful thing indeed. If it happens to us even just a few times in our life, I think we're thoroughly fortunate.

    Have a beautiful first week of spring,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. This made me laugh because if I didn't know better, I'd think you were talking about me. My ability to get lost is LEGENDARY. "If it wasn't for her tendency to get lost, she'd make an excellent tour-guide."

    I'm so glad you immersed yourself fully and had a remarkable trip, Ally!